Christopher Coutanceau ***

The portrait of the Chef

Defender of sustainable fishing and anti-waste, passionate since his earliest childhood, Chef Christopher Coutanceau's line of conduct has always been clear. And it is in his 2 Michelin-star restaurant that he gets on with it.

Every morning, at the auction, he chooses with love and passion the most beautiful fishing products, shellfish, crustaceans or fish.

As a great enthusiast, he is strongly committed to the defence of marine fauna and flora. He collaborates with the association "l'Oeillet des Dunes" and "Bloom", which has just banned deep-sea trawling.

An activist of artisanal fishing, his unparalleled expertise in marine species is an asset for researchers and professionals. For him, overfishing is becoming a threat to food security. He alerts the public when he can, he takes out of his menu the species that are in the breeding season.

His goal, to raise awareness among future generations through his profession and his passion.

The Restaurant

Upon arrival, the immersion is total. A totally new setting that plunges us into the fascinating world of the seabed of the doubly awarded chef Christopher Coutanceau and his associate Nicolas Brossard.

Both of them, in collaboration with ABP Architecture, have created a decor inspired by the sea, a universe that fascinates them deeply. A new decoration with sand walls, a ceiling inspired by the seabed, an abyss blue carpet, more than 800 vegetal pendants that oscillate like the intensity of the depths going from white to yellow.

The dishes also evoke aquatic elements such as drop-shaped plates or knives that remind us of those of fishermen.

Everything has been thought through down to the last detail and made to measure. A table art that reflects the chef's marine creations.

Christopher Coutanceau (3 Michelin stars)
Plage de la Concurrence - 17000 La Rochelle

  • love: the Chef’s Table located on the other side of the room, with a breathtaking view of the kitchens. The experience is a true gastronomic staging. From the personalized menu to the selection of wines, a tailor-made meal for a maximum of 8 guests is thus offered to guests. A tinted window allows you to enjoy the dancing show of the cooks.