Le Chardenoux

The Portrait of the Chef

Born and raised in the Aveyron region of France, Cyril Lignac has always enjoyed the pleasure of a large table full of friends and family. Therefore it was only natural for Cyril to go to university to obtain his CAP for chocolate, ice cream, pastry and cooking.
His passion drove him to Paris. Cyril evolved alongside three- star chef Alain Passard at Arpège and pastry chef Pierre Hermé.

In 2005 Cyril obtained his first post as chef at La Suite and he began his television career with Oui Chef! He also launched his first restaurant, Le Quinzième, which 7 years later was awarded a star in the Michelin Guide.

In the meantime the Chef revealed his entrepreneurial skills.
In 2008 he took over Le Chardenoux, an institution of Paris and a traditional bistro. In 2011 Cyril inaugurated Aux Prés, an emblematic Parisian bistro in place of Claude Sainlouis, before opening Le Bar des Prés in 2016 next door, with Asian influences.

He also began a sweet adventure with pastry chef Benoît Couvrand. Together in 2011, they created La Pâtisserie, a local shop where traditional and contemporary creations take pride of place; and in 2016 La Chocolaterie, a lively place dedicated entirely to cocoa. The duo is now overseeing 7 Parisian boutiques.

Cyril is always looking for opportunities to expand in the field of gourmet pleasures and to evolve his team. His entrepreneurial rigor and charm have enabled him to be elected ‘France’s favourite chef’.

The Restaurant

From the decorative foliated ceiling to the listed marble bar front, the new interior scheme introduces elegance to the space.

Designed with charm and heritage in mind, the traditional features are highlighted with a modern twist.

In the same spirit as the decoration and atmosphere, the cuisine – dedicated to fresh fish, focuses on mastered traditional French cooking techniques and modernized versions.

Over 100 years, the restaurant has kept its authentic values with innovative seafood cuisine.

Le Chardennoux
1, rue Jules Vallès - Paris XI