Clover Grill

Portrait of the Chef

Born on 25 September 1970 in Valence, Jean-François Piège has established himself in just a few years as one of the greatest chefs of his generation. It was while having lunch in Jacques Pic's restaurant that the young Jean-François Piège decided to become a cook. After completing his training at the hotel school in Tain l'Hermitage, he gained solid experience with leading names in the gastronomic world.

In 1989, the young chef joined chef Christian Constant at the helm of the Crillon restaurant. But the call of military service pushed him into the kitchens of the Elysée (Official Residence of the President) where he met chef Joël Normands. Having accomplished his duty, he flew to Monaco to work alongside Laurent Gras in the restaurant Le Louis XV, whose owner is none other than Alain Ducasse. With a particularly sharp eye, he quickly detected the talent of the young chef.

In 2000, he entrusted him with the management of the Plaza Athénée restaurant for which Jean-François Piège won his first Michelin star. As if to complete the circle and crowned with this consecration, Jean-François Piège agreed in 2005 to manage the Crillon restaurant in which he began his training. 

In 2009, he took over the Thoumieux brasserie with his associate Thierry Costes, above which he created a gourmet restaurant that will be awarded two Michelin stars in 2011.

The Restaurant

Clover Grill, the art of cooking.

Opened in 2016 as a culinary workshop, Clover Grill features meat barbecued or cooked on a spit over a brazen pit. Like in all the Jean François Piège restaurants, the ingredient is the main essence; except this time you get to choose from the aroma of wood or charcoal which each reveal optimum tastes to the products. 
Next you have the meat selection, but also fish, vegetables and fruit; all of the utmost quality and sublimed by the art of the flames. Meats instantly seared – beef, poultry or lamb – offer incomparable gustative and sensorial experiences along with the other dishes on the menu such as the Wild Walamari Carbonara, the Fondue Bourguignonne or the Soufflé Pizza, one of the Chef’s signature dishes in a continuously reviewed version. 
Completely redecorated by Jean-François Piège and his wife, both lovers of the famous French antique market St. Ouen, the decor here is a whimsical combination of noble materials – polished wood and exquisite green tinted marble. Also featuring two butcher blocks along with the meat cabinets especially created for the restaurant. Opposite, you can find a cocktail bar where you can taste a mix between traditional and original creations. A place true to Jean Francoise Piège, where quality and precision is the priority, and the art of cooking a great sense of pleasure.

Clover Grill
6, rue Bailleul - Paris I