La Halle Boca, iconic food court of Bordeaux's new city centre

In Bordeaux's Saint-Jean Belcier centre, La Halle Boca draws inspiration from American food courts and unveils about fifteen gastronomic options.

The glass building reflecting the Garonne River is hard to miss. Amidst the future Euratlantique business district, La Halle Boca embodies the recent change that took over Bordeaux's hypercentre.
Built where the old city slaughterhouse and Debat-Pensan covered market stood since 1938, this hybrid location is positioned halfway between office space, hotel and restaurant court.

The food section is spread over almost 7,000 sqm and welcomes 16 gastronomical stands and a central bar. Pay Vapiano and its Italian-influenced cuisine, or try the Garde-Manger, outhouse of Bordeaux restaurant La Petite Garonne that also functions as a deli. Unless you fall for the Boca Food Court, a large 1,300 sqm space opened for all-day dining, seven days a week, serving healthy street food.
Small eaters and sophisticated food lovers will all find what they are looking for.

La Halle Boca
Quai de La Paludate - 33800 Bordeaux