The Glorieuses de Bresse

The Event

Whether you prefer chicken, capon or turkey, Bresse poultry is the undisputed star of the Christmas table.
Bred in the former province of Bresse, it’s famous for the tenderness of its flesh, created by the technique of ‘rolling’ or swaddling it firmly in a fine vegetable web. Before being swaddled, poultry from Bresse – an AOC since 1957 – is plucked by hand and then washed.
The annual Glorieuses de Bresse are a series of traditional poultry competitions rewarding the most beautiful birds. For Burgundy’s Bresse, Louhans is hosting the event on 14 December 2019. Visitors come to admire the birds and make their choice for the holiday season. After the competition, breeders and chefs meet around the stalls where the most beautiful poultry are sold.

December 13: Bourg-en-Bresse
December 14: Louhans
December 15: Pont-de-Vaux
December 17: Montrevel-en-Bresse