Maison Lejay Lagoute


Blackcurrant has been cultivated in Burgundy for more than four centuries. But beware, not just any cassis!
Blackcurrant from Burgundy, renowned for its deep colour and powerful aroma, is the queen variety, coupled with the Royal de Naples which helps it to flourish. Between them, the small berries work wonders, producing a fruit nectar bursting with vitamins and of course a velvety and sweet blackcurrant cream, invented by the Lejay-Lagoute house in Dijon in 1841. Combined with an aligoté white wine, another local speciality, Crème de Cassis de Bourgogne gives the famous kir, a 100% Burgundian aperitif.

Maison Lejay Lagoute
5-9 Rue Etienne Dolet - 21000 Dijon