Fallot Mustard


La Moutarderie Fallot is an independent, family-run, Burgundian house since 1840, the only one still located in original buildings, a few steps from the Hospices de Beaune.

Very attached to its terroir, the Fallot factory has managed to maintain its products in the right line of Burgundian culinary know-how, and continues to grind the seeds thanks to stone grindstones, thus preserving the dough all its taste qualities. Come and visit the two routes:
- "discovery" museographic route: a fun and interactive circuit in a timeless and olfactory atmosphere that reminds visitors of gestures and traditions through the centuries linked to mustard and its history.
- "thrills" course: visit to the current production site, thanks to a revolutionary staging and the use of very sophisticated visual, sound and sensory means. Visitors will be led to discover the stages in the transformation of mustard seed.

Fallot Mustard
31, rue Faubourg Bretonnière - 21200 Beaune