L'Anjou Saumurois, Land of Horses


Land of horses, Anjou displays the dynamism of the arts and crafts of a rich equestrian sector between breeding, dressage, racing, trekking and other traditions.

Passion and esteem

If Anjou has a proud equestrian tradition, respect is at its root. See the elite riders of the Cadre Noir in training at the National Riding School, and enjoy perfect complicity between horse and rider! You may see future Olympic champions during your visit.

The popular 3-day event at the Mondial du Lion on Isle Briand also attracts the cream of equestrian circles.

Northern Anjou has 1,000 horse breeding farms! And the Lion d’Angers stud farm ensures the quality of the stock with stallions that are both thoroughbreds and champions. It’s not surprising that France’s only bespoke riding boot maker is in Saumur. Saddles are made locally with the same loving craftsmanship.