The Carpentras strawberry


With its flawless appearance, beautiful dark red colour and lovely sweet scent, the Carpentras strawberry first appeared in Comtat Venaissin in the late 19th century, and has remained a success ever since. A registered trademark since 1987, it is generally found on market stalls between March and June.
Derived from three varieties, Ciflorette, Gariguette and Pajaro, the Carpentras strawberry, rich in vitamins C and B9, benefits from a sunny climate and well-drained soil, giving large berries with a sweet, fragrant taste. It can be eaten on its own, as a dessert with whipped cream or sugar, or in a pastry, jam, syrup or nectar.

As France's fourth biggest strawberry-producing department, Vaucluse accounts for 5% of French production. This delicious fruit is celebrated every year in mid-April, in the town of Carpentras, with a program of events including meetings with producers, strawberry tastings, cookery demonstrations, musical entertainment and a parade by the Carpentras strawberry brotherhood.