How to visit the Mont Saint Michel differently



Fly over the bay of Mont Saint Michel in a hot air balloon, in ULM, by skydiving or a paragliding tour.

Visit the bay by the sea: on a sailing boat, on a sand yacht or by surfing.

Visit the village of the Mont at dawn or dusk.

Horseback riding in the bay.

Discover the Mont with your feet in the water, during the high tides.

Cross the bay on foot, during a guided walk.

Experience the shifting sands.

Fishing on foot with view of the Mont.

Hiking or biking around the bay.


Taste the salt-meadow lamb: raised on the pastures of the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel, the salt-meadow lambs are renowned for their incomparable flavor, which is why they are AOC. What gives this unique taste to their flesh is the grass irrigated with sea water, rich in salt and minerals, on which the animals feed.


  1. Brilliant post! France has been my dream travel destination for a long time. I planned to visit there last year but cancelled my trip due to the pandemic. However, with relaxations kicking in, I will be visiting there next month with my lovely wife. Although our initial plan was to explore Paris, your blog has nudged us to add Mont Saint Michel France to the itinerary. We will be using tips from your blog to make our French getaway even more exciting.


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