Within the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, the department of Ain is an atypical territory, made of mountains, ponds and bocages. It is the confluence of several regional histories, a destination with multiple facets.

The Heritage

Home of Brillat-Savarin, an illustrious epicurean, the Ain is another land of gastronomy, part of its cultural heritage. Gourmets will bless Bresse and its creamy poulard, Dombes and its frog's legs, Nantua and its famous sauce, Cerdon and its sparkling wine... Ain is also the melting pot of artisanal know-how. The Bresse furniture is close to that of Burgundy, coming from a rural habitat. In Bresse, one finds enamels, whose tradition goes back to the Middle Ages, always perpetuated by some jewellers. The Emaux Bressans Jeanvoine, in Bourg-en-Bresse, has been working for nearly two centuries: they exhibit some of their most beautiful old pieces and also present a film revealing some manufacturing secrets.

The Gastronomy

Bresse Poultry
Bleu de Gex cheese
Comté cheese
The cream and butter of Bresse
Le Buggey truffle
Pike dumplings with Nantua sauce
Frog legs
Freshwater Fish
The wines of Bugey


Waterway tourism on the Canal de Savières