Lyon's markets and old-world taverns



Lyon is France’s gastronomic capital, and foodies shouldn’t miss a meal at a bouchon, the local name for a traditional tavern. At these iconic joints, often adorned with checkered tablecloths, don’t expect polished silverware, micro-servings, or any upscale refinery. You can, however, count on a warm, approachable atmosphere and traditional Lyonnaise cuisine, like plates of quenelles (meat dumplings) or tablier de sapeur, white-wine marinated beef tripe fried in a coating of breadcrumbs. When considering your next meal, look for the official “Bouchons de Lyon” designation for a guaranteed authentic establishment.
If you’re short on time, opt an excursion to Les Halles de Lyon - Paul Bocuse, a covered market named after the lauded chef from Lyon. It’s packed with tantalizing displays of unbeatably fresh local products. Peruse the stalls and prioritize the regional specialties like St. Marcellin and St. Félicien cheeses ripened by the renowned cheese monger: La Mère RichardCharcuterie, including cured sausages known as rosette de Lyon and for a sweet finish, a buttery bread sprinkled with pink sugar-coated almonds.