Botanical walk in the gardens of Villandry



At the castle of Villandry, the gardens are among the most beautiful in France. From the Garden of the Simple to the Garden of Love and its admirable pruned boxwoods, we admire the variety of colors, forms. A succession of paintings inspired by the Renaissance. It is a rather rare landscape in France because this fashion coming from Italy has passed.

The pleasure gardens compete with each other in creativity: water mirror, labyrinth... especially the Sun Garden, planted with lime trees and hornbeams according to an audacious geometry.

The walk ends with the vegetable garden, the centerpiece of the castle, which covers nearly one hectare. In squares nicely lined with boxwood, fruits and vegetables become works of art.

For families, the castle offers a tour of the gardens in the form of a treasure hunt. At the ticket office, a game card is given to children from 7 to 12 years old. It allows them to discover plants and the evolution of gardens over the centuries in a fun way.