Chef Emmanuel Renaut



Flocons de sel conjures up the feeling of a cosy mountain chalet that has been invigorated by a new look. Emmanuel Renaut’s restaurant is bathed in light, in a pastel wood decor, where we will be carried away to experience sumptuous, culinary delights. The chef sees cuisine as a journey, a trail of discovery through the region’s best produces. Not without humour, he offers a tasting menu entitled "a walk to Leutaz" taking "at least two and a half hours". With cheeses from high mountain pastures, fish caught in the lake, and subtle flavours, epicureans will have only one thing in mind: surfing for as long as possible on the crest of the flavours.

Flocons de Sel - gourmet restaurant (3 Michelin stars) - 74120 Megève
Flocons Village - bistro in the heart of the village - 74120 Megève
Chalet Le Forestier - mountain restaurant - 74120 Megève