The Drôme Valley food specialities



The Drôme valley abounds in specialities that your taste buds will relish. From starters to desserts, without forgetting the main courses, your plates will be filled with typical local recipes.

To start with, here is a rather cool starter but it is always enjoyed in the summer season.
- The melon from Montoison: you won’t be able to resist  it  since it is as famous as the one from Cavaillon. You may have it as a starter as well as dessert  and you will appreciate its southern savour.

Here are dishes which will make big meat-eaters smile. Prepared with meat only, these typical regional dishes will make your mouth water.
- The Défarde :  It is well known in the Drôme département  and uses lamb bowels and some lamb feet.
- The Pintadeau de la Drôme  (young guinea fowl): If you are fond of good meat, this  poultry with a  matchless and irresistible taste will astonish you.

As a small break after a good starter and your pick among two main courses, don’t forget to get something soft by having cheese.
Picodon cheese:  this goat cheese which comes as an emblem with its so typical strong taste will make you travel among the Drôme savours.

Last but not least , a choice of desserts is available to the people who are curious-minded or have a gourmet taste.
Fruit of the summer:  come and savour the juicy fruits of the summer :  apricots, peaches, pears and even apples. Everybody will find those to their taste and they are grown in the valley.
- The “Croquants” :  these crunchy biscuits made with almonds and honey have been a speciality in Saillans since 1924. You just have to taste them.
- The Couve :  this speciality from Crest gets its name from its shape which is a hen’s nest containing eggs.  It’s an orange flavoured cake.

Melon of Montoison


Pintadeau of Drôme

Picodon cheese