The island of Bréhat, the island of flowers



All year long, the Gulf Stream ensures a micro climate to the island of Bréhat, a small corner of paradise. Walking or biking is the best way to visit the island, 3.5km long and 1.5km wide. You will discover charming houses, old stone manors, creeks with pink rocks and gardens full of flowers such as agapanthus, fig trees, mimosas...

The nature in Bréhat

The agapanthus, this blue-purple flower which blooms at the crossroads of all the Bréhat paths, blooms from June to September. It was brought back from South Africa by the sailors.
There are also birds: 120 species have been identified on the island. Open your ears and you will hear robins, tits, larks and music thrushes. The change of scenery is total.

The village of Bréhat

In the south of the island, there is the village and its church of the XVIth century; in the north, landscapes which are not without reminding Ireland!
Last recommended visit: the citadel, an old fort of the XIXth century. During the week, you will see there the craftsmen of the glass factory of Bréhat working under your eyes. You will find door knobs, glass pebble lamps, staircase balls. Treasures to be hunted!