The reopening of the Carnavalet museum in Paris


The Museum of the History of Paris has been under construction for four years, but it is preparing to open its doors and its exhibition rooms before the summer.

The Carnavalet Museum occupies a whole block in the Parisian Marais. Dedicated to the History of Paris, inaugurated in 1880, it has more than 600,000 objects and documents tracing the life of the capital since antiquity. It has the particularity of bringing back to life the atmosphere with entirely reconstructed spaces such as an old pharmacy or an Art Nouveau salon.

If the visitor wants to follow the chronological course of the life of the capital, he is about to embark on 1 mile of galleries and rooms, evoking in turn the ancient Lutetia and the beginnings of the Revolution of 1789. It is then necessary to change building to continue the historical journey and to stop at length on the story of the Revolution and those that followed, including the tragic episode of the Commune.

The art of living of the Parisians

But beyond the historical dimension, the Carnavalet Museum's main vocation is to tell and show the life of Parisians through the ages, through objects, furniture, artistic works, and the atmosphere of the interiors.
The permanent exhibition continues until the contemporary period to unfold a continuous thread that will continue and be enriched in the years to come.


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