Stroll along the lake Léman


Evian-Les-Bains is an exotic destination in the heart of the Alps. Lake Léman also known as Lake Geneva, the largest natural lake in Western Europe, cradles the city with its waves.
Not only that, Evian, "the pearl of Lake Geneva", benefits from a mild microclimate and the tranquility of spa towns. It is a stay to recharge the batteries.

Stroll along the shores of Lake Léman

The Lakeside Quay is a 2 km circuit. It is lined with information posts explaining the characteristics of Lake Léman, its fauna and flora. The lakefront, opposite, is occupied by many palaces, the city hall or the casino with its dome and its slightly old-fashioned aspect... all in an Art Nouveau style.

With 581 km of beaches, from France to Switzerland, the banks of the lake offer countless refuges for a meditative break.

The "Promenade" is a loop that allows you to discover Evian and Neuvecelle, from the heights to the shores.
Panorama on the lake and the Swiss shores in the upper part, beach of Grande-Rive and banks in the lower part of the lake for this 2-hour walk without difficulty.

Poetic stroll in winter, small bath in summer

In winter, the floats live in a village made of driftwood from the lake. 150 tons of driftwood are needed and 500 sculptures "animate" this village. It is both a poetic evocation and a festive moment with stories, workshops and delicacies.

In summer, at the Evian water sports center, you have the choice between lying down on its vast lawns with a view of the lake, doing a little breaststroke in a heated outdoor pool or opting for the "water ski" option and making your first turns on the lake.


Summer property of Antoine Lumière, the photographer father of Louis and Auguste, inventors of the cinema, the Villa Lumière overlooks the lake. With its neo-classical architecture, it is opulently decorated inside. Now the Town Hall, you can visit the hall, the grand salon and the golden salon.

Another curiosity, the funicular was built in 1907 to facilitate the access of the customers in their big hotels located in the heights. To avoid unnecessary effort or for pleasure, you must take it. It serves 6 stations all dressed in beveled tiles. A stop will take you to the "station" Buvette Cachat from where you will reach the fountain of the same name. Taste the famous mineral water.