Source, a new gastronomic restaurant in Paris



In the Saint Germain district, between the boulevard and the emblematic rue de Buci, a new restaurant led by a young trio is opening. At 25 years old, Margaux Mercier and Clément Tricot - the restaurant owners - and Jules Recoquillon - the chef - unveil Source, a table that is as intimate as it is cutting edge. Having worked in the kitchens of Apicius, alongside Jean-Pierre Vigato, and Le Cinq, alongside Christian Le Squer, Jules Recoquillon is performing his first personal gastronomic score, through a unique menu.

Small brigade but great talents. They create a menu, in five and seven steps, around the beautiful arrivals and seasonal products. For a creative but still readable plate, the chef chooses no more than three or four elements that will compose the inspirations of the moment.

He selects the catch of the day with the Poissonnerie de Montreuil, which gets its supplies directly from small boat fishermen on the French coast. Passionate about hunting products, he selects exceptional poultry and meats with the Bellorr house and the artisan butcher Alain Tribolet, to offer all the emotion of the raw product. As for the plants, they are selected as locally as possible and in short circuits. They are constantly evolving on the plate to the rhythm of the play of flavors and textures that sublimate their seasonality.