Magnum, 150cl of happiness in the glass and on the plate



A new restaurant in the 17th arrondissement, Magnum 150cl is the gourmet den for lovers of good French cuisine and fine wines. With a tempting menu and thirsty shelves, Magnum 150cl is a warm brasserie that you must try.

Magnum 150cl is the third address of Julien Osty (Grill Room, Sergent Garcia) with a decor of hundreds of bottles and magnums of wine. A nice and concrete overview of the 220 references of winegrowing know-how (of which a dozen are offered by the glass) to be combined with the restaurant's menu (organic, biodynamic, natural, raised at sea or in amphora, kosher...).

In the kitchen, Matthieu Garrel, chef from Brittany, assisted by Arnaud Gatard, offers a joyful, generous, gourmet and seasonal cuisine. Fresh products perfectly sourced make the menu evolve every month, according to what nature offers us to taste.

Magnum 150cl is a singular address, the kind where you go to have a good time without pretension and from which you leave with memorable souvenirs and, already, the furious desire to return.